VIVANA Concierge

It’s difficult to summarize all the ways Vivana Concierge can benefit the lives of your members. Our introductory video shows how Katie and Keith (two members of our sister program, capsule Vivana 24-7) who are using their concierge service as part of their daily lives.

On a daily basis, our experienced team of personal concierges are coordinating a variety of inquiries & requests. Here’s just a sample of some of the ways Vivana Senior members are taking advantage of Vivana Concierge:

Errand Running
Shopping Services
Conference and Banqueting
Spa Appointments & Reservations
Event Ticket Procurement
Airport Transfers
Key Date Reminders
Floral Services (Selection & Delivery)
Business Support Services
Household Services
Tourist and City Information
Appliance Repairs
Auto Detailing
Movie Ticket Assistance
Driving/Travel Directions
Hotel Information and Reservations
Business Traveler Assistance
Passport and Visa Services
Limo and Sedan Rentals
Coffee House Recommendations
Lawn Services
Storage Facilities
On-Line Restaurant Reviews
Valet Services
Romancing Adventures
Preferred Dinner Reservations
Golf Tee Times
Travel Reservations
Limousine Rentals
Wake Up Calls
Touring Services
Recreational Services
Sports and Recreation
Maid Service
Grocery Delivery
Personal Trainers
Destination Planning
Weather Inquiries
Travel Research
Currency Conversion Rates
On-line Destination Guides
Site Seeing Tours
Business Dining Recommendations
Home Repairs
Sports, Concert and Event Tickets
Other Services as required
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