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Mental Health Counseling

Life can take all kinds of turns. For the times when times are tough, see it’s good to know that as a VIVANA member you have someone you can turn to for help. Take charge of your (or your child’s) mental well-being with licensed, sovaldi seasoned professional counselors, social workers, psychologists & family therapists.  Our team can help you or a loved one cope with anything from the loss of a loved one, family mental health issues, life changes, even the impact of supplements to your alertness & well-being. Your plan includes unlimited, free in-person or telephonic therapist visits, with up to 5 visits per issue per year, with no co-pays or additional fees. For example, you can use 5 visits for the loss of a loved one, then you can use another 5 visits for advice on dealing with a troubled grandson, then you can use another 5 visits talking about fears concerning surgery, and so on…

If, after talking to a counselor or therapist, you’d like to continue a course of treatment, your Wellness Concierge will research additional referral and treatment options for you at no cost, and will work with you to determine your best options.

Notice: Vivana is not insurance and is not intended to replace insurance. Vivana provides a service allowing you to quickly and conveniently speak with a licensed mental health professional.  However, this service is NOT to be confused with comprehensive medical insurance.



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